A Sveltekit app template

A app development template to enable quick time to value

This app is a template for app development with Sveltekit. Flowbite-svelte components are used extensively. The baseline UI is keep simple using the Navbar, Sidebar and Drawers from Flowbite-components.

It has a fully functional authorisation based on JWT . It uses cookies and Svelte context to maintain and keep active the session status.

The user profile is a Deta Base (a NOSQL database) and the email uses Taco Mail / mySMTP Deta Space apps.


  • A Sveltekit app deployed on Deta Space
  • Flowbite-svelte components are used extensively
  • Fully functional JWT authorisation
  • User profile is kept in a Deta Base
  • Use Taco Mail for password recovery and sign up confirmation


  • TBD

Here's the link to the template

Documentation on this app is available at milynnus Blog-Doc under the tag justsk